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Comprehensive Disinfecting & Cleaning Services


Overview of Disinfecting & Cleaning Services Offered:

  • High-Touch Surface Disinfection: We specialize in disinfecting & cleaning high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and handrails to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Whole-Room Disinfection: Using advanced disinfection technologies such as fogging or electrostatic spraying, we can disinfect entire rooms quickly and effectively, reaching areas that traditional cleaning methods may miss.
  • Deep Cleaning and Sanitization: Our team performs thorough deep cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces, including floors, walls, and fixtures, using EPA-approved disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Importance of Disinfecting for Health and Safety:

Maintaining a clean and disinfected environment is crucial for promoting health and safety, especially in light of recent public health concerns. Disinfecting regularly helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, and bacteria, creating a healthier indoor environment for occupants.

By investing in professional disinfecting services, you can:

  • Protect Against Illness: Disinfecting high-touch surfaces and frequently used areas can help prevent the spread of illnesses such as colds, flu, and COVID-19.
  • Maintain Hygiene Standards: Regular disinfection helps maintain high hygiene standards in residential and commercial settings, providing peace of mind for occupants and visitors.
  • Enhance Overall Well-being: A clean and sanitized environment promotes overall well-being by reducing exposure to harmful pathogens and allergens, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable living or working space.

At United Water Restoration Group of Arlington, we understand the importance of disinfecting for health and safety, which is why we’re committed to delivering thorough and effective disinfecting services tailored to your needs. Trust us to keep your property clean, hygienic, and safe for all who enter.


Similarities and Differences Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are both essential components of maintaining a clean and healthy environment, but they serve distinct purposes and involve different processes. Here are the similarities and differences between cleaning and disinfecting:


  1. Promote Health and Hygiene: Both cleaning and disinfecting aim to promote health and hygiene by removing dirt, germs, and other contaminants from surfaces and objects. By keeping environments clean and free of pathogens, we can reduce the risk of illness and infection.

  2. Prevent the Spread of Disease: Both cleaning and disinfecting help prevent the spread of infectious diseases by eliminating or reducing the number of pathogens present on surfaces and objects. Regular cleaning and disinfection can help break the chain of transmission and protect individuals from illness.

  3. Improve Indoor Air Quality: Cleaning and disinfecting can improve indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and pollutants from surfaces and air. By maintaining clean and sanitary environments, we can create healthier indoor spaces for occupants to live, work, and play.


  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of cleaning is to remove dirt, debris, and organic matter from surfaces, while the primary purpose of disinfecting is to kill or inactivate harmful pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, to reduce the risk of infection.

  2. Mechanism of Action: Cleaning physically removes dirt, germs, and other contaminants from surfaces through the use of soap, water, and mechanical agitation, such as scrubbing or wiping. Disinfecting, on the other hand, involves the use of chemical agents, such as disinfectants or antimicrobial solutions, to kill or deactivate pathogens on surfaces.

  3. Effectiveness Against Pathogens: While cleaning can help reduce the number of germs and contaminants present on surfaces, it may not necessarily kill all pathogens or eliminate the risk of infection. Disinfecting, however, is specifically designed to kill or inactivate a broad spectrum of pathogens, making it more effective at reducing the risk of infection.

  4. Frequency: Cleaning is typically performed on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness and appearance, while disinfecting is usually done less frequently and in response to specific circumstances, such as outbreaks of infectious disease or instances of known contamination.

  5. Target Surfaces: Cleaning is suitable for a wide range of surfaces and materials, including floors, countertops, and furniture, while disinfecting is typically reserved for high-touch surfaces and areas with a higher risk of contamination, such as doorknobs, light switches, and bathroom fixtures.

In summary, while cleaning and disinfecting share the common goal of promoting health and hygiene, they differ in their purpose, mechanism of action, effectiveness against pathogens, frequency, and target surfaces. Both cleaning and disinfecting play important roles in maintaining clean and healthy environments, and they are most effective when used together as part of a comprehensive cleaning and hygiene regimen. Let’s talk about health hazards in the next section.


Health Hazards if an Environment is Not Cleaned or Disinfected

Failure to clean and disinfect indoor environments can lead to a range of health hazards, as harmful pathogens and contaminants can proliferate and pose risks to occupants. Here are some common health hazards associated with an unclean or inadequately disinfected environment:

  1. Spread of Infectious Diseases: Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens can thrive in unclean environments, leading to the spread of infectious diseases. Common illnesses transmitted through contaminated surfaces and air include colds, flu, gastrointestinal infections, and respiratory infections.

  2. Increased Risk of Allergies and Asthma: Dust, mold, pet dander, and other allergens accumulate in unclean environments, exacerbating allergies and asthma symptoms in susceptible individuals. Prolonged exposure to allergens can lead to respiratory irritation, coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

  3. Risk of Foodborne Illnesses: Inadequate cleaning and sanitation in kitchens and food preparation areas can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. Consuming contaminated food can cause foodborne illnesses, resulting in symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

  4. Fungal and Mold Growth: High levels of moisture and humidity in unclean environments can promote the growth of mold and fungi. Mold spores can exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions and may cause fungal infections in susceptible individuals, particularly those with weakened immune systems.

  5. Exposure to Toxic Chemicals: Harsh cleaning chemicals and disinfectants used improperly can pose health risks to occupants, especially if they are not properly diluted, ventilated, or rinsed off surfaces. Inhalation or skin contact with toxic chemicals can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other adverse health effects.

  6. Increased Risk of Pest Infestations: Unclean environments attract pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and insects, which can carry disease-causing pathogens and contaminate surfaces with their feces, urine, and saliva. Pest infestations can lead to allergic reactions, asthma exacerbations, and the spread of infectious diseases.

  7. Worsening of Existing Health Conditions: Individuals with pre-existing health conditions, such as respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or compromised immune systems, are particularly vulnerable to the health hazards of unclean environments. Exposure to contaminants and pathogens can exacerbate their symptoms and increase the risk of complications.

To mitigate the health hazards of an unclean or inadequately disinfected environment, it’s essential to implement regular cleaning and disinfection protocols using appropriate cleaning products and techniques. By maintaining clean and sanitary indoor environments, we can protect the health and well-being of occupants and reduce the risk of illness and infection.


Cleaning Solutions for Residential Properties

At United Water Restoration Group of Arlington, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment for you and your family. Our residential cleaning services are designed to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of homeowners.

Detailed Description of Cleaning Services for Homes:

We offer a wide range of cleaning services tailored specifically for residential properties. Our experienced team is equipped to handle all aspects of home cleaning, including:


  • Surface Cleaning: We meticulously clean and sanitize surfaces throughout your home, including countertops, floors, and fixtures, using industry-leading cleaning agents and equipment.
  • Bathroom Cleaning: Our team thoroughly cleans and disinfects bathrooms, targeting areas such as sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs to remove dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: We pay special attention to the kitchen, where food preparation takes place. Our cleaning professionals ensure that countertops, appliances, and other kitchen surfaces are cleaned and sanitized to maintain hygiene standards.
  • Dusting and Vacuuming: We dust and vacuum all living areas and bedrooms, removing dust, pet dander, and allergens to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Homeowners’ Needs:

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer tailored cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require regular cleaning maintenance, deep cleaning for special occasions, or customized cleaning plans, we’re here to accommodate your requirements.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with a clean, comfortable, and inviting home environment. With our attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust United Water Restoration Group of Arlington to keep your home looking its best.

Commercial Cleaning Services

United Water Restoration Group of Arlington can also help businesses and homes with cleaning and disinfecting services. Our disinfecting and cleaning services in Arlington, Texas can assist a business after a major event or after a normal day of traffic. They can be utilized by homeowners before or after any social gatherings. Our cleaning and disinfecting services in Arlington, Texas take aim at providing a safe, clean, protected property against irritants, common allergens, and potentially harmful pathogens. 

Pathogens like the common cold or flu are contagious and can be spread from high-touch surfaces. High-touch surfaces are surfaces like doorknobs, counters, chairs, and tables that are touched often but are cleaned rarely. This makes them the perfect area for various pathogens seeking a new host. These services add a layer of protection for those who depend on your business or live at your home. 

Our technicians can assist in making your property a safer place for those who depend on it. These disinfecting and cleaning services have our technicians carefully go through your property. While administering our disinfecting and cleaning services in Arlington, Texas, our technicians follow all OHSA, CDC, and EPA guidelines. All products by our technicians are approved by the EPA. 

During the cleaning and disinfecting process, our technicians will give your property a thorough, deep clean. Our technicians have specialized equipment for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. These services can help protect against pathogens as well as other irritants and allergens that commonly accumulate throughout the year. 

We have a flexible schedule. Allowing you to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you and your business or home. Our deep clean techniques can help remove dander, dust, and other pollutants in your business or home.


At United Water Restoration Group of Arlington, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic work environments for businesses. Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial properties, ensuring a professional and inviting space for employees, customers, and visitors.

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services specifically designed for commercial properties, including:

  • Office Cleaning: We provide thorough cleaning of office spaces, including desks, workstations, conference rooms, and common areas, to promote a productive and healthy work environment.

  • Retail Cleaning: Our team specializes in cleaning retail spaces, including storefronts, showrooms, and customer service areas, to enhance the shopping experience for customers and maintain a positive brand image.

  • Restaurant Cleaning: We offer specialized cleaning services for restaurants, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and creating a clean and inviting dining atmosphere for patrons.

  • Commercial Facility Cleaning: From warehouses and manufacturing facilities to healthcare facilities and educational institutions, we have the expertise to clean and sanitize a wide range of commercial properties


Importance of Maintaining Clean and Hygienic Work Environments:

Maintaining clean and hygienic work environments is essential for several reasons:

  • Employee Health and Productivity: A clean workplace promotes employee health and well-being, reducing the risk of illness and absenteeism. A healthy workforce is more productive and engaged, leading to improved business outcomes.

  • Customer Impressions: A clean and well-maintained commercial space creates a positive first impression on customers and visitors, enhancing your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

  • Compliance and Safety: Many industries have specific cleanliness standards and regulations that must be met to ensure compliance and safety. Regular cleaning helps businesses adhere to these standards and avoid potential fines or penalties.

By investing in professional commercial cleaning services, businesses can create a clean, safe, and inviting environment that supports productivity, promotes health and safety, and enhances their overall success.

Experienced Cleaning Professionals

At United Water Restoration Group of Arlington, our cleaning team comprises experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional service with a focus on quality, reliability, and professionalism.

Expertise and Professionalism of the Cleaning Team:

Our cleaning professionals undergo rigorous training and possess extensive experience in the cleaning industry. They are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks with efficiency and precision.

We take pride in our team’s commitment to excellence and professionalism. Whether they’re cleaning residential properties, commercial spaces, or healthcare facilities, our cleaning professionals approach each job with a meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Certifications and Qualifications of Cleaning Technicians:

Our cleaning technicians are certified and trained in accordance with industry standards and best practices. They hold certifications in various cleaning techniques, safety protocols, and specialized cleaning equipment operation.

Additionally, our team stays updated on the latest advancements in cleaning technology and techniques through ongoing training and professional development. This ensures that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver superior cleaning results while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

When you choose United Water Restoration Group of Arlington for your cleaning needs, you can trust that you’re working with a team of qualified professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service and outstanding results. Our experienced cleaning professionals are here to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that your property is in capable hands.

At United Water Restoration Group of Arlington, we are proud to serve not just the city of Arlington but also the surrounding areas. Our commitment extends across the region, ensuring that quality damage restoration services are accessible to as many people as possible. Below is a detailed list of areas we cover.

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